Monster Granny

This was the twentieth time she had called her ‘not-own’! Drishti was hurt and full of anger. She wanted to know why her very own grandmother would do that. Her heart ached to see the cousin brothers being treated with such royalty and just the opposite happening with her.

Every time she wanted something, her granny would tell her just one thing, ‘go and ask your parents. I’ve got not nothing to give others.’ Others? Why does she discriminate her so much? Those inconsiderate thorny speeches broke her heart whenever she encountered her granny.

‘Today I will ask her why!’ she thought to herself and got up wiping her tears. She entered the kitchen, where her granny was secretly giving away jiggery laddoos to her cousin brothers. The moment Drishti entered, she closed the lid and asked the boys to go out and play.

“What do you want?” she asked rudely.

“Nothing…” and turned to go with a heavy heart again, but looked back and asked, “Why are you doing this to me? Am I not your granddaughter just like they are your grandsons?”

“No” she was quite indifferent by now.

But Drishti wasn’t giving up today; she asked again, “What do you mean? I live in this house, you are my granny and I am your gr..”

To that she snapped back immediately, “Stop there girl! You are not my granddaughter, understood? Go and ask all this to your parent’s, not me.”

Drishti stood there shaken and stone-like. Her eyes were all on her grandmother walking out of the kitchen in fury and grumbling. That broke her heart even more. She slowly walked towards her parent’s room.

They looked so happy… all three of them in the picture. She sat on the bed and touched their pillow. She lay there for some time, with tears rolling down from the sides. ‘I hate granny,’ she thought to herself, ‘she is a monster’.

When her parents came home from work in the evening, she was still lying there in deep slumber. All the crying had sedated her enough to make her fall asleep. Her mother ran her fingers through her hair and placed a kiss on the forehead. Then she carried Drishti to her room and placed her gently on her bed. By then she was up but looked almost in half sleep. Her mind was still haloed with the hurtful and heart-piercing words of her granny.

“Mumma, where did you find me?” she asked rubbing her eyes.

Rupa was taken aback with the question and looked at her husband in worry. He too couldn’t really understand what to tell her, but they could have anticipated something like this a long time back.

He took a deep breath and replied, “Your mother and I wanted you so badly that we waited for almost 10 years. Finally God gifted you to us and that is how you became our daughter and we, your parents.”

She looked at both of them trying to comprehend his words, and said, “So God sent me to you? Am I not your daughter?”

“You are!” Rupa instantly spoke, “and you know what? You are a special child. Not everyone can come to their parents directly from the house of Gods.”

Drishti seemed to be buying all that because that made her feel ‘special’ now. So she smiled and hugged her mother really tight.

“Mumma…” she said, “your mother is a monster… granny is a monster.

Maa Ladoo - DSC_0016


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