Your Ride

‘Beep – Beep – Beep’ went the buzzer once again! He hurried and finished his lunch.

“Won’t you ever get to eat in peace?” his mother said in disappointment.

“Ma…” he smiled, “will try to finish this soon,” and left for the call of duty.

He pulled his jacket hanging to dry at the gallery outside and rushed down the stairs. It was an everyday story to see the kids play on and around his car. With a wide gesture he shooed them away and got in.


He was only about to start his car when he received a call from an unknown no.


“Where are you bhaiyya? I have been waiting since 15 minutes already!” a female voice lamented.

‘What?’ he thought to himself. It wasn’t even 5 minutes of the buzzer going off! But he had to stay composed and customer oriented. “Will be there right away ma’am,” he said in a polite note, to which she hung up.


The GPS on his phone couldn’t immediately detect the area, so he tried to call the female, only to find her phone busy in every attempt. He kept trying and finally succeeded in getting her on call.

“What bhaiyya, you cannot even locate my area? What are you given that stupid GPS for? Please come to House no. 412, Dhruva Apartments, Padmavati Colony, M. G. Road. Will that help?” she asked in irritation.

“Err… I will try to locate ma’am,” and she ruthlessly hung up murmuring.


He was praying hard for the GPS to work, meanwhile drove straight to M. G. Road; not 3 kms away from his location. The moment he reached there, he got stuck in an unusual road traffic.

People were walking all over the road with political party flags in hand and shouting slogans. A huge truck loaded with people supporting the party, emerged blocking his way through, both back and front, and to save time he pulled down the glass and asked a man walking in the crowed for Padmavati Colony.

“Can’t you see the road is jammed right now? You have to wait till it’s clear to go,” he replied in pride.

“How long will that take Sir?” he asked.

“Do you have wings to fly over this crowd? No? Then keep waiting,” and started following the crowd.


His phone rang again! It was her… “Where are you? Haven’t you reached already? I am so late to work… Or should I cancel this ride?”

“No ma’am… there is this unusual political rally on the road; just not able to move. I’m trying to find my way out but…” she hung up again.


He wanted to get out of that place so badly, but there was no way he could. Either he would have to run over someone or follow the rally.

Thankfully, a kind man, watching him for quite some time came to his help and set few people aside so that he could turn his car and move back. He wiggles a little left and a little right, and out he was to fresh air again.

A big sigh of relief!


He picked his phone to check if the GPS could re-locate him to her place from there. But… there was a message on his phone already saying, “Your booking was cancelled by the customer.”


By now his patience too, which was already running thin, had given up! ‘No more rides for the day’ he thought, and turned towards home. On his way, he realized he was yet to switch off his device to stop getting any booking. And as he reached for the phone, it buzzed again… Beep – Beep – Beep !



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